Terms and Conditions

1. Copyright

Material feature on this website, http://daisygardenbags.co.nz, is copyright of Daisy Garden Bags, a trade name of Bjerring Landscape Ltd, unless otherwise indicated. Any reproduction of material hosted on the Daisy Garden Bags website is at the discretion of the website owner only.

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2. Pickups

Container collection (pickup) is generally operated on a 4-weekly cycle. During the Christmas & New year fortnight, Daisy Garden Bags shut down for a 2 week period, resulting in the extension of the pickup cycle length to a total of 6 weeks instead of four for the period of time spanning Christmas and New Year.
Daisy Garden Bags also reserve the right to alter pickup dates without prior warning for special circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • Unforseen problems with the collection truck or equipment
  • Unforseen personal circumstances of the driver
  • Extreme situations relating to traffic or roads

Under normal circumstances, Daisy Garden Bags will collect the Customer's container on the date specified by the pickup calendar, at a time dependent on the Customer's sequence within the pickup cycle. Collection times may vary from pickup to pickup.
Daisy Garden Bags reserve the right to alter a Customer's pickup sequence or pickup day within the four week cycle, subject to advance notice of 3 weeks or more.

2.1 Pickup Deferal

Daisy Garden Bags offer customers the option to defer their container collection for a given month until the next month. Pickup deferral is conditional upon the following:

  • The container has been emptied from a prior collection within the last 3 months
  • No out-of-cycle pickups have occurred in the last month
  • Notification of the deferral occurs before 6pm the day before the pickup is scheduled
2.2 Extra Pickups

Daisy Garden Bags offer customers the option to request extra pickups between their standard scheduled pickups. Customers ordering extra pickups will not be eligible for the deferal service (described in section 2.1) for the following collection. Extra pickups are an additional service to the standard pickup service, and the charge for additional pickups will be the same as standard pickup charge.
Daisy Garden Bags reserve the right to collect extras at their own convenience to avoid excessive running costs of equipment. Daisy Garden Bags also reserve the right to decline extra pickup requests at their own discretion.

2.3 Payment

Daisy Garden Bags require that payments for collection are made in advance. Customers must keep their account in credit to the value of one pickup minimum.
Any remaining account credit will be reimbursed to the account holder upon termination of the collection service.

2.4 One Year Contract

Daisy Garden Bags offer our customers one year of pickups for a fixed price. This price represents the maximum amount that the customer would pay in the span of one year.
If the customer's total costs within that period are less than the fixed price, the credit in the customer's account will be retained for future costs.
Minimum number of pickups for customers who purchase one year of pickups is subject to the same conditions as specified in section 2.1.

2.5 Cancellation of Service

Daisy Garden Bags reserve the right to terminate the collection service for any reason. If service is terminated at Daisy Garden Bags discretion, the customer will be notified and a refund of any outstanding credit will be reimbursed as per section 2.3.

2.6 Bin Collection

Customers with a Bin are required to move the bin to the roadside by 7:00am on the day of collection, unless organized otherwise for special circumstances.

3. Pricing

Daisy Garden Bags reserve the right to alter the price of pickups, subject to 4 weeks advance notification.

4. Referral Bonus

Daisy Garden Bags offer customers a bonus credit to the value of their current pickup charge when they refer a 'new' customer. 'New' customers are customers which have not previously been under the Daisy Garden Bags service, whether under their current address or a different one.
Credit for referrals will be added to the referrer's account after the new customer has had their service established and their first pickup has been paid for.